CU in Vancouver: an Olympic experience part V

Oh, the things I've overheard this past week . . . “Our defence is slow. We’re going to get eaten alive by Russia.” There may be a lot of people in Vancouver right now, but no one said they were all well-informed.

Team Canada’s defence is not slow, by any stretch of the imagination. The only member of the defensive core that may be lacking some mobility is Chris Pronger. And we’re going to get eaten alive by Russia?

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CU in Vancouver: chronicling the 2010 Winter Games part IV

Day 5 — Air Maelle (for my sake, pretend it’s pronounced may-ill)

It’s a pretty lame play on an otherwise nice-sounding name, but there was nothing lame about Maelle Ricker’s performance on Tuesday (let’s forget about her first run) as she carved her way to a gold medal in women’s snowboard cross in front of her hometown crowd (literally — Ricker was born in West Vancouver and grew up shredding the hills at Cypress).

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CU in Vancouver: an Olympic experience part III

For those of you who have been keeping up with these blogs (hi mom), you’ll know that most of what I’ve written so far has had a rah-rah Olympic tone to it. I know there have been some problems early in these Olympic Games; I’m not oblivious to them. It’s just that I feel the positives really do outweigh the negatives. Maybe I’m getting caught up in all the hype (can you blame me?). With that being said, here are some issues I’ve had thus far:

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