The Board of Directors is a diverse group of dedicated volunteers that is responsible for overseeing the business side of running The Charlatan. It is responsible for the hiring of non-editorial positions, the oversight of the financial and legal affairs of the corporation, and ensuring the efficient and responsible management of the corporation.

The Board meets regularly at open meetings to make decisions regarding the business management of the corporation, and is comprised of a Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, the Editor-in-Chief (ex-officio), staff representatives, student directors, a faculty representative, and a professional representative.

The Board of Directors is committed to being open and transparent, particularly about the finances of the organization. Getting meeting minutes, the budget and other documents online in a timely manner is important to us.

The Board of Directors is also great place to learn more about the business side of the publications industry, and is committed to developing the human resources management, finance, and legal savvy of its members.

To learn more about the Board and its role in the publication of The Charlatan, ask questions about the state of the corporation, or to find out how you can join the Board or attend a meeting, send an email to

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