Former Carleton professor Hassan Diab to remain jailed in France

Hassan Diab, a former Carleton contract professor, will remain in French jail to be investigated for terrorism after a judge’s order for his release was overturned for the sixth time. On April 24, one of the French judges investigating the case recommended Diab be released from prison on the grounds there is not enough evidence against him. Despite this, on May 2 it was announced that for the sixth time in two and a half years, the prosecutor had successfully argued against him being released. Diab, who was also a professor at the University of Ottawa, was arrested in Canada in 2008 in connection with a 1980 Paris synagogue bombing. He was extradited to France in 2014 but has not […]

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Letter: Get to know your professors

I am about to graduate from Carleton and like any outgoing student, I have all kinds of advice you’ve probably heard before. You should get involved in other campus activities. You shouldn’t stress out too much. It’s not the end of the world even though it feels like it. And you should really try to use the gym at least once. I hear it’s nice. But the single most important piece of advice I can give is that you should spend time getting to know your professors. We, as students, are in a unique and special position—we get direct, unfettered access to some of the best academics in the country. And while we stress about citation styles and word counts, […]

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Queen’s prof receives homophobic threats

A Queen’s University professor and her partner have recently received a series of threatening notes delivered to their home. Karen Dubinsky, a professor and historian on gender and sexuality at Queen’s, and her partner, received two letters  allegedly written by a group of Kingston residents determined to “removing the scourge of homosexuality in [the] city.” It was followed by a second letter, which threatened violence against Dubinsky and her family. Dubinsky said she lives with her partner of 21 years and their 13-year-old son. She said the incident has had an impact on her home life. “It’s been stressful. For a week we were the poster children for homophobia, and it was interesting. We’ve never been on that side of […]

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Prof accidentally plays porn at end of lecture

While many professors often try to expand their teachings outside the standard curriculum, a guest lecturer at Wageningen University in the Netherlands may have gone just a little too far. The professor was caught visiting a pornographic website following a Feb. 19 class, according to the Huffington Post. The only problem, however, was that he forgot to disconnect his laptop from the room’s overhead projector, which was still connected to the live feed. With some students still tuned in to the stream, they were given some unexpected bonus material. The professor, who remains unidentified, claimed the incident was an accident, and it only occurred because he wasn’t used to working with a laptop, according to Belgian news outlet De Morgen. He was dismissed by the […]

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‘Poignant,’ ‘passionate’ professor dies at 81

With his heart bound to the Roman aqueducts, Carleton professor emeritus Trevor Hodge came alive in the classroom where he could share his passion.

A husband, father, and grandfather, Hodge died peacefully in his home on Feb. 16 at 81 years old. A service for friends and family was held at Ottawa’s Southminster United Church Feb. 22.

Hodge retired from teaching at Carleton in 1997, but continued to give guest lectures, keynote speeches, and inspire students as a retired distinguished professor of classics, he noted in the February 2012 Carleton faculty newsletter.

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