Absent Friends puts on Rocky Horror spectacle

They’ve done the time warp again. Ottawa’s Absent Friends Shadow Cast performed for the seventh year in a row at the Mayfair Theatre’s Halloween screening of the 1975 film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, to a sold-out crowd. Shadow casts, comprised of a group of actors, perform the movie live along with the film. Sam Kellerman, director and lead performer of the Absent Friends, said he was excited to have brought his own troupe to the Mayfair once again for the spooky season. “There’s been very little rehearsal process,” explained Kellerman, who played hyper-sexual scientist, Dr. Frank N. Furter. “Most of the actors have been playing with me from anywhere between two to six years. We all pretty much know […]

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Mayfair Theatre pulls The Red Pill

A screening of the documentary The Red Pill at the Mayfair Theatre on Dec. 4 was cancelled and relocated to Ottawa City Hall after pressure from the theatre’s sponsors. The film looks into men’s rights activism through the personal lens of Cassie Jaye, its filmmaker and a self-identified former feminist. Jaye has said she was inspired to make the film after discovering the movement while researching rape culture. In the film, she talks to men’s rights activists about male victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence, male suicide rates, and male education. The film screening was organized by the Ottawa branch of the national non-profit organization Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE). CAFE describes itself as engaging in “public education and public policy […]

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Commentary: The man behind ‘The Room’

If you thought Tommy Wiseau was bizarre on film, you should meet him in person. It’s not his untamed jet-black hair, the fact that he always wears two belts, or that he’s sporting black sunglasses in the pitch dark theatre. It’s that his laugh is actually the same, nervous, forced chuckle he uses in his infamous movie, The Room. Wiseau and his co-star Greg Sestero were at The Mayfair Theatre for a three-night, six-screening showing of the cult film. It’s the second time the duo are back in Ottawa, and this time the crowds have swelled to several hundred per showing. The film has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years as the worst movie ever made. Wiseau is […]

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