GSA candidates campaign for a second mandate

Four out of five of this year’s candidates in the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) election are running for re-election, and all are uncontested. Eric Hitsman, Jenna Amirault, Debbie Owusu-Akyeeah, Jay Ramasubramanyam, and Taylor Howarth make up this year’s single slate: Grads United. Eric Hitsman, running for the role of GSA president, is the current vice-president (operations). He said he feels his current role has prepared him to take on more responsibility.    “This role is not necessarily to take over . . . it’s about working with your team, your people,” he said. This year, Hitsman said he wants to focus on keeping students involved, promoting safe spaces for students and creating opportunities for Indigenous representation. He added he hopes […]

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