Bluesfest 2017: The good, the bad, and the bluesy

The RBC Ottawa Bluesfest was back at Lebreton Flats from July 6 to 16 with a series of fantastic and memorable performances from world-class headliners and smaller-scale performers alike. Overall, the festival was a positive experience for most people. However, weather, security issues, and health problems cast a shadow over a few of the acts. BLUESFEST’S TOP 10 ACTS 10. High Valley: From the small Northern Alberta town of La Crete, brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel brought their fresh style to the Claridge Homes Stage in what was perhaps the most outstanding country performance of the festival. 9. Death From Above 1979: For a two-person band, Death From Above 1979 showed they can produce a big and full sound. The […]

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