Equity Services hosts Emma Sulkowicz

Carleton University’s Sexual Assault Support Centre (SASC) is hailing art as a form of healing and understanding. The school’s Equity Services brought Emma Sulkowicz, an award-winning artist and activist, to campus as the final part of Carleton’s International Womyn’s Week on March 10. Nearly 100 people braved the cold on Friday night to listen to Sulkowicz, a Columbia University visual arts graduate best known for her senior thesis, Mattress Performance (Carry That Weight). Sulkowicz began carrying her dorm mattress everywhere she went at Columbia in September 2014, intending to stop only if her alleged rapist was expelled or left the university. She carried the mattress for nine months until their joint graduation in May 2015. “When it comes to sexual […]

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Carleton hosts sexual assault awareness week

This year’s Carleton’s Sexual Assault Awareness Week was hosted from Feb. 6-10 by service centres across campus including Equity Services, the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA), and the Womyn’s Centre. The week aims to promote consent culture through the lens of intersectionality with various events and workshops, said Sydney Jacklin, a GSA sexual assault outreach co-ordinator “[We are] talking about the intersections involved in sexual violence including race and gender and sexuality, but also looking outside that and talking about self-care and bystander awareness, and finding different avenues to talk about sexual violence that really haven’t come up,” Jacklin. According to Sydney Schneider, programming co-ordinator at the Womyn’s Centre, another area of focus for the week was prevention. “We really want to […]

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Midterm reviews: checking in with the GSA on their election promises

Photo by Trevor Swann

With the current Graduate Students’Association (GSA) executive halfway through their term, The Charlatan interviewed GSA president Debbie Owusu-Akyeeah on the progress that has been made so far on their campaign promises. Promise: Introduce an ongoing graduate student survey to provide feedback on the GSA’s services. Ongoing: GSA president Debbie Owusu-Akyeeah said the GSA has decided to release the survey at the end of this academic year. According to Owusu-Akyeeah, offering an end of year survey would present students with an opportunity for deeper reflection because they would have a full year of experience using the GSA’s services. Owusu-Akyeeah said questions would focus on topics such as support for student parents and student engagement through Carleton’s political processes. She added that the […]

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Carleton puts up new signs for gender-neutral washrooms

Carleton has put up new signs on the all-inclusive washrooms on campus that can be used by everyone, regardless of gender. According to Carleton Equity Services’ website, there will be three new types of signs going up. Signs depicting a single toilet will be used for single-stall washrooms that can be used by any gender, but aren’t wheelchair-accessible, according to the website. Signs featuring an image of a toilet next to a wheelchair will be used for washrooms that can be used by any gender and that are wheelchair-accessible. Finally, a sign featuring a toilet and the letter ‘U’ means the washroom is wheelchair-accessible and can be used by everyone. These washrooms also include a change table, an emergency button and are “ideal […]

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Services every Carleton student needs to know

With so many services available to Carleton students and staff, it can be overwhelming to find the right service to help you. The Charlatan has put together a guide for you to find help this Fall. Student Academic and Career Development Services Newly formed this year, Carleton’s Student Academic and Career Development Services (SACDS) combines the forces of career services, academic advising, co-operative education, and the Student Academic Success Centre to create a well-rounded and fully equipped one-stop service. “This amalgamation will allow these four departments to formally begin working collectively . . . when supporting students’ development of academic skills and career goals,” said the SACDS website. If you are in need of assistance or even just need advice […]

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