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Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K1S 5B6, Canada

Telephone: 613-520-6680

Information: The Charlatan office is located in Room 531 in the Unicentre Building.

To contact the staff, please call 613-520-6680 or send an email to the following:

Name Position Email
Nadine Yousif Editor-in-Chief
Jolson Lim Production Assistant
Drew May News Editor
Anna Sophia Vollmerhausen News Editor
Ryley White National Editor
Sarah Tsounis Features Editor
Nicole Bayes-Fleming Op/Ed Editor
Sima Shakeri Arts Editor
Cameron Penney Sports Editor
Trevor Swann Photo Editor
Christophe Young Graphics Editor
Raven Desroches Web Editor
Shanice Pereira Multimedia Editor

For general inquries and to submit a letter to the Charlatan, please e-mail:

For inquiries about advertising, please call 613-520-3580 or email

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