Reactivating activism

It has been almost seven years since Omar Khadr was taken in to the Guantanamo Bay prison and in those years there has been protest after protest calling for Khadr’s release, but it is necessary to keep the fight alive now more than ever.
U.S. president Barack Obama has promised to close Guantanamo and it’s time that Canada repatriate Khadr.
The protests last week, organized by Carleton students, demonstrate how students can get involved in this debate and push for change.
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Overheard @ Carleton

Girl: I’ve never been to a gynecologist . . .
Guy: Then how do you know if you have a vagina?
Girl: I’ve determined she’s not pregnant, she just has really bad posture.
Guy 1: So it’s cool that you guys are coming over tonight but P.S. Jen is
PMSing. I can’t control her.
Guy 2: Uh, want to go to my house guys?
Other Guys: Sure.
Guy 1: Just like that? You guys suck.
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