Students need to get a grip on guns

Hello Editor,

I am not sure how often your journalists have to report on gun-related matters . . . but if it happens again, let me know, I’d like to help them out!

I might not be much of a writer, and I speak a funny English, but I do know a thing or two about firearms.

As an example, stating that a discarded empty brass has been fired at some point in time makes about as much sense as saying that the discarded empty coffee cup used to have coffee in it.

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Value the music revolution

Thrifty students have been increasingly taking advantage of file-sharing networks like DC++ or turning to illegal downloading software to get the music they love. Whether these actions are taken in protest of overpriced records or simply out of convenience, it can’t be denied that not paying for music is wrong and ultimately hurts hard-working artists. But an alternative is emerging that will benefit artists and fans alike, and students should jump on the bandwagon.

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Bias spoils CFS debate

petition to hold a referendum challenging the Carleton University Students’ Association’s (CUSA) membership in the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) has been making waves across campus for weeks.

Now, CUSA has officially waded into the murky dispute, as CUSA council passed a motion Sept. 29 to support continued CFS membership.

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Overheard @ Carleton

Girl 1: Did we have trick-or-treaters last year?

Girl 2: Your boob is out. Seriously, there’s more boob than couch.


Girl 1: Look at the Earth! Look at the Earth! It’s called Pangea.

Girl 2: It’s a super-continent.


Student 1: Hey, we found these cookies on the floor. You want one?

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