Give grads the green

Striving to be eco-friendly is not just about attaining a trendy, chic status for aesthetic reasons. Sustainability is a crucial quality that all institutions should seek.

The proposal to create a green roof above the Graduate Students’ Association’s (GSA) lounge is exactly the type of initiative that Carleton should be supporting in order to make progress in this area; green roofs reduce the amount of energy buildings consume.

But the students spearheading this project say administration is holding back support and failing to tell them why.

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Bedroom no place for policy

The last thing a student wants to come home to after a tough biology midterm or long French oral exam is a roommate conjugating more than verbs with a significant (or not-so-significant) other.

Sometimes students feel like giving their inconsiderate roommates the shaft. Now, at Tufts University near Boston  they can, thanks to a new policy that obliges students to keep it in their pants while their roommates are around.

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Overheard @ Carleton

Girl 1: I haven’t eaten this much since I got back from ‘Nam . . .
Girl 2: Nom nom nom nom nom . . .

Guy 1: So, my sister brought her friend with the fake boobs over last night.
Guy 2: Oh, yeah?
Guy 1: Yeah. They were niiice!

Girl: Do you mind if I turn on the wall? It’s already hard so I don’t have much work to do.

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It’s me again, Creepy Voice Guy. I haven’t called you in a while but I was rather upset that you neglected to capitalize my name the last time. It is capital C-reepy, capital V-oice, capital G-uy.

Get it right.

Anyways, I would just like to comment on the petitioning that is currently happening along university campus regarding the CFS.

Now, I support the CFS because I support eeeeevil [creepy laughter].

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Put Polanski in his place

I may be a neophyte when it comes to movies, but Roman Polanski’s Chinatown is one of my favourites. It’s a stylish neo-noir with a plot that peels away like the layers of an onion to reveal a dastardly, horrifying twist.

Little did anyone know that the man behind the movie would find himself in a similar scandal years later.

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