Overheard @ Carleton

Girl: Why do you keep talking to me about strippers, I don’t understand.
Guy: Yo, tonight we’re gonna get smashed and do that Crocodile Dundee thing we were talking about.

Guy 1: We don’t know how big it is! This photo has no scale!
Guy 2: Yeah, they totally need to put it
beside a penis or something.

Girl: They’re not that good!
Guy 1: When you’re making 10,000 cookies in your house by yourself
Guy 2: What kind were they?
Guy 1: Chocolate chip.

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New Year, same CUSA

The 2008-09 Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) council will long be remembered for its near cancellation of Carleton’s annual Shinerama fundraiser — a scandal that sprung from a misinformed council motion and made international headlines.

Most members on this year’s council were elected on the promise to clean up CUSA’s act. Yet only a few months into their term in office, the organization still appears to lack the necessary checks and balances of a credible democratic body.

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Bingeing bites back fast

Here’s a typical student dilemma: midterm Monday morning, best friend’s birthday party Saturday night. It’s generally accepted that getting wasted at the party will be no detriment to your midterm performance. That is, if you sleep off the effects of all that booze on Sunday before hitting the books later that night.
But the effects of that Saturday-night kegger can apparently linger in ways that we hadn’t expected.
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Good morning Voicebox, I’m just sitting here at summer orientation session and I just really wanted to express the amount of love that I have for the summer orientation staff, they are so amazing and so informative and good looking it’s unreal the staff there. And also their boss Jeremy, good guy, really good guy. Any first year students really should come to summer orientation because otherwise I feel like they’re gonna be missing out on a really great experience, and also for me the staff – I can’t, I can’t even express how good looking they are it’s unreal. Have a great day Voicebox.

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