No sense to notes

Health officials have been urging Canadians to take every possible step to avoid spreading the H1N1 virus. The main message: if you get sick, stay home.

Students need to take this message seriously, especially since research has indicated that H1N1 particularly strikes those who are young and healthy. Students also spend a significant portion of their days sitting in stuffy rooms with many other individuals. This means campuses have the potential to become ideal breeding grounds for the H1N1 virus.

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Overheard @ Carleton

Heya, Voicebox.

I just read the article on the bedroom policy and I think it’s fantastic. All these people saying that a simple adult conversation does wonders are disgustingly naive. If the person you’re living with cares more about themselves then they’re not going to care if you’re uncomfortable in your own room.

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Stop hating sex

Dear editor,

Here you guys go again. First it was that summer survey about kinky sex (and a majority of students at Carleton were against it!) and now this.

In your article on having sex with other roommates in the room, we read that “Carleton University’s residence association may have just hosted ‘Sex Week,’ but another university has announced a policy with a less promiscuous attitude.”

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Charlamode: Hunting down on-campus style

Identity; self-expression; personal style; fashion. Everyday is a fashion adventure.

Style On Campus is an outlet for the celebration of good style and taste. I am absorbed by the cut of jacket, engrossed in the embellishment of a boot, entranced by brilliant colour choices, and always on the lookout for those who re-invent the usual approach to fashion.

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