Carleton Universities recent drama


In the past three weeks here at Carleton University, the undergraduate students have gone through a lot of drama especially when it comes to their student association. I personally find that there is an immense amount of miscommunication going around the school community, be it intentional or otherwise. This article is really in direct response to last week’s “Electoral Board’s uneasy slant against Bruce.” Within this there are many mistakes that I wish to clear up before any of the next steps are taken.

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Love you, Brah


Cooking-up some steaks and enjoying a long talk with your ‘brah’ is a pleasure. So is a morning squash match, followed by a sauna and breakfast.

This is not an unheard-of way for buddies to start their day. But is hugging it out during the tough times, or exchanging ‘I love yous’ during the good times going a bit far in a platonic relationship? Maybe not for men who are unabashedly bro-mantic.

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