EDITORIAL: Politicians should engage students year-round

Despite the fact the student vote was one of the deciding factors of the 2015 Canadian election, parties are not putting enough effort into keeping this group of new voters interested in politics between elections. Political parties could and should do more to address the student vote if they want to be successful. Even though young Liberal, Conservative, NDP and Communist clubs are run on campus to get students interested and involved in the political process, most students are not “card carrying” political supporters. More can be done to court the mass influx of voters aged 18-24, whose turn out went from approximately 38 percent in 2011 to approximately 57 percent in 2015 according to Elections Canada. This previously untapped […]

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EDITORAL: School name change signals reconciliation, caution

Carleton’s recent decision to change the name of the School of Canadian Studies to the School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies is a welcome one, but the change shouldn’t be one in name only. It has limited meaning and significance unless it comes alongside a commitment to genuinely including Indigenous voices, knowledges and worldviews within any academic domain that covers Canadian history and culture. It’s impossible to have a deep understanding of Canada without a knowledge of the Indigenous peoples of the same land, just as it is impossible to understand First Nations, Inuit and Metis life without telling the story of colonialism. The relationship between Canada and the Indigenous peoples has too often been presented as one-sided, downplayed entirely […]

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