Transit committee votes to revisit bus pass age limit

The City of Ottawa transit committee voted unanimously to support a motion asking city council to reverse its decision on an age limit for student bus passes at a meeting Sept. 1.

At an earlier city council meeting in December council voted to cap the age for the student bus discount at 27. The decision came into effect July 1, and now requires students over the age of 27 to pay the adult price for a bus pass.

The cap will cost older students about $220 more per year and will bring in an estimated $220,000 of annual revenue for the city.

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Carleton invests in emergency notification system

Should a major fire or armed intruder ever force Carleton into a state of emergency, students and staff will be notified instantaneously via text message, e-mail and flashing messages on campus-wide computer screens.
The university has invested $350,000 in an emergency notification system (ENS), which was unveiled Aug. 7 and is “the most comprehensive of its kind,” according to a university press release.

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