Opinion: Save the bees, save the crops

In our attempts to satisfy the ever-growing demand for food, humans have developed methods that maximize yields on commercial farms. We’ve determined efficient solutions to common agricultural problems and have modernized the way we plant, maintain, and grow crops. However, with all of these new developments, it appears that one essential aspect of agriculture has been overlooked: bees. Wild and managed bees provide pollination services to a variety of crops worldwide. In fact, when the leading crops on the world market were studied, it was found that pollinator-dependent crops make up 35 per cent of the total global crop production, with fruits, vegetables, nuts, and stimulant crops—like coffee and cocoa—relying the most on pollinators. However, global bee populations have been […]

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Opinion: Get involved with research labs

If you’re an incoming undergraduate science student, this is the post for you. I’m a fourth-year student in the biochemistry and biotechnology combined honours program who has worked in a systems biology lab on campus since the early days of his degree, and I have some useful tips. In 2015, I was very lucky to receive a Dean’s Summer Research Internship from the Faculty of Science. Since then I’ve been returning to the same lab each summer thanks to funding from Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council and my supervisor. Thus, alongside my formal schooling during the fall and winter terms, I’ve received a hidden education — one you won’t experience unless you work in a lab (or in the field). In […]

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