Beating around the bias-bush


Our reporting tends to follow the “objective” model at the Charlatan. That is to say, we try to be fair to our readers and sources, and not subjective in how we relay that reporting.

This is the typical model of mainstream journalism in Canada.

We follow it because we think it’s important for the Carleton community to have a news source that can deliver facts and stories as objectively as possible.

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The gourmet pizza pocket experience


One of the biggest challenges for me this school year was the introduction of cooking. Though I had worked in a few restaurants during high school, I had never actually prepared dinner on a regular basis for myself. The daunting task of creating different meals, seven days a week, had me worried that I might slip in to the "frozen veggies and Mr. Noodles" meal routine after the first few weeks. Fortunately that didn’t happen.

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