Health and Fitness Blog: Make the Winter blues take a hike

As I was strolling along the canal on my way to campus, admiring the bright reflections on the melting ice, I noticed something new, ducklings. There were ducklings. I know the groundhog has become a symbol for Spring, but to me nothing says the end of Winter like baby birds paddling in water. Spring is here, so lets start walking. Back in the days of -30 C, it was logical to skip the stroll and run for the warm bus. In Spring, walking can be done anywhere, solo or with companions, and it can be integrated easily into your lifestyle, without equipment (#cheapstudent), and it’s low risk. It’s an awesome way to reduce stress, clear your mind, sleep better, get […]

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Health and Fitness Blog: Give up the grudge, it’ll save your health

Ah, second semester. Fresh starts and clear minds—going strong. Or maybe not. You may be amongst those who thought the squabble you had before the break would be resolved after the time apart. Perhaps you came back to a harsher reality. The interesting part is, no one really wins. The grudge-holder will continue to process anger and feelings of vengeance that drag them down while the offender may also feel pain, especially if their apologies are ignored. There are of course also times where the offender denies guilt, further injuring the grudge-holder. So what comes with these feelings? Are there times where it truly is better not to forgive? And really, is it even worth it? According to a recent nationwide poll, 94 per […]

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Health and Fitness Blog: Acro Yoga at Carleton

Charlatan Health and Fitness blogger Anita Rayegani checks out acro yoga on campus. Acro yoga is an intense yet enjoyable workout which combines the centering elements of yoga and the physically demanding aspects of acrobatics. The acro yoga club at Carleton began in October and continues to practice every Sunday at 11 a.m. in the atrium. Founder and leader, Amelia Flowers, says it’s open for people of all skill levels who want to learn and challenge themselves.

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