Food and Drink Blog: A light, fun Mexican lunch

Sopa azteca (or sopa de tortilla) This traditional Mexican soup is extremely flavourful, it’s often enjoyed as an aperitivo (appetizer) before other, heavier dishes. Ingredients: 8 tomatoes half an onion 1 clove of garlic salt and pepper 1 L of chicken broth and 1 cube of dry consommé a handful of tortilla strips a pinch of dried chipotle peppers 1 avocado cubes of Mexican cheese (like queso quesadilla or asadero) or mozzarella to taste 1.)    Cut the tomatoes, onion, and garlic into cubes. 2.)    Fry onion until transparent. 3.)    Add garlic and let sit for a minute or so. 4.)    Add tomatoes, cook until soft and water has evaporated from the pan. 5.)    Add the chicken broth, salt, pepper (to […]

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Food and Drink Blog: Ottawa’s craft beer industry is a “brotherhood between brewers”

A group of friends sit together laughing, joking, and sharing a cold pint. Before long, one of them jokes that brewing beer doesn’t seem that hard. Maybe they could do it themselves. When they sober up the next morning, the idea is still there. It may be crazy, but with a little luck and a little effort, they might be able to pull it off. Variations on this story are common among the founders of Ottawa’s several craft breweries. But this is not the only thing that they share. The craft beer industry in Ottawa is not a competition between businessmen, but is instead a collective of craftsmen working together. The craft beer industry is booming. The latest operational report […]

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