Book Blog: Stories with diversity are important

In a topsy-turvy world where a man who has blacklisted the American Muslim, Latino, and Black communities has become president of the most powerful nation on Earth, it’s a good time to escape into the world of fiction. When we consume stories, we can be transported to different places and cultures, stepping into the shoes of people who have vastly different worldviews and experiences from our own. And in stepping into another person’s shoes, we learn to better understand and empathize with others overall. So in a society that has so much more learning to do than we realized, it’s so important to read and listen to stories from all over the world, from different periods in time, and especially […]

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Book Blog: Top picks of translated books written by women

August, the third annual Women in Translation month, has recently come to a close. In celebration, I decided to talk a little about the project and some of my favourite translated books written by women that I’ve read so far this year. In general, the English-speaking publishing world lags behind with translated books, leading to a dearth of world literature beyond the classics and already well-known translated books. Books translated into English are an estimated three per cent of all published books in the United States. With such low numbers already, why specifically focus on books written by women? Similarly to other areas of publishing and literature, books written by women receive much less attention and critical acclaim than books […]

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