CD Review: N.A.S.A.


The Spirit of Apollo

4 stars

When the going gets tough, musicians collaborate. Or so the saying goes these days in a music industry struggling to stay fresh and relevant. Fortunately for audiences, this means unions of all kinds, as we saw years ago at the Grammys when Elton John took the stage with Eminem, and perhaps more disturbingly and recently with the Jonas Brothers playing alongside Stevie Wonder.

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Heroes get help


Imagine being an up-and-coming band asked to do a cover of your favourite classic rock song by the original artist. This is the concept of the fourth new charity album by War Child called Heroes.

War Child was started in 1999 to help children in war-torn nations such as Sudan, Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. Lisa Zbitnew, the executive producer of the record, said War Child has always had a close tie with the entertainment industry.

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