St. FX classes cancelled as faculty, staff strike

Class was cancelled for the students of St. Francis Xavier University in  Antigonish, N.S. Jan. 28 after faculty members and support staff went on strike. Faculty took to the picket lines at 7:30 a.m. following eight unsuccessful months of wage contract negotiations that have taken place over the last eight months, according to a press release from the St. Francis Xavier University Association of University Teachers (StFXAUT). The strike continued Jan. 29. Peter McInnis, president of the StFXAUT said in the release that strikers do not plan to back down anytime soon, but that “[t]he AUT is ready to go back to the negotiating table at any time to achieve a fair settlement.” Although there were no classes, students were […]

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Indian women’s college bans jeans

Adarsh Women’s College in India has banned female students from wearing jeans, t-shirts and short dresses to help them avoid being verbally, physically, and sexually abused, college head, Alaka Sharma told The college enacted the new dress code on the heels of the brutal gang rape and murder of a 23-year old female university student in New Delhi this past December. Girls attending the college, who are between 16 and 19 years old, claim that this new dress code is an unfair punishment rather than a source of protection from harassment. Each time a girl breaks the dress code, she will be fined 100 rupees (approximately 1.8 dollars). Alaka Sharma told that short dresses lead to harassment from […]

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One in 10 University of Ottawa students using school food bank

The number of students who depend on the University of Ottawa’s (UOttawa) food bank has been continually increasing every year, according to the food bank’s service co-ordinator Chris Hynes. The food bank, which was frequented by 3,300 UOttawa students in 2011, was developed in 2006 after students voted in favour of paying a levy to support a food bank, Hynes said. The need for a food bank arose when tuition and living costs began to increase dramatically, according to Hynes. Most of the food bank’s users return regularly and are international students who have difficulty finding resources. Students with dependent family also frequent the food bank, according to Hynes. “University should be hard, but students shouldn’t have to struggle to […]

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