Shrek the musical doesn’t disappoint

The Orpheus Musical Theatre Society‚Äôs Shrek the Musical was a fun twist on an iconic childhood classic that reached a diverse audience. For those who have never seen Shrek in its original glory, the play was a rendition of a traditional princess movie. The plot follows Princess Fiona (Vivian Melsness), a feisty young woman who has been locked in a tower awaiting her knight in shining armor. However, in this case, the knight that came to the rescue was an irritable ogre (Justin Hills) and his annoying yet lovable donkey (Damien Broomes), with the only incentive to get his beloved swamp back which has been overrun by rejected fairytale creatures by Lord Farquaad (Rejean Dinelle-Mayer). Clearly, the standard was set […]

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