Editorial: Tide Pod challenge affects more than participants

It’s late. You’re awoken from your sleep to the sound of emergency services on your floor. You see them carry someone out on a stretcher. You’re not sure what happened, but you’re worried. Then you hear that this student is the latest victim of the Tide Pod challenge.

Okay, a little bit dramatic, but the point still stands. What exactly is the point of the Tide Pod challenge? To look cool in front of your friends? To go viral? To become a residence legend? They may look tasty, and they smell even better, but we’re talking about detergent here. The stuff you wash your clothes with, not the inside of your body.

While the Tide Pod challenge might seem like a good joke, students need to keep in mind all the people they are affecting, and how those resources could be put to better use. Residence Fellows, the Carleton University Student Emergency Response Team (CUSERT), and potentially even paramedics and hospital staff are just a few of the resources being wasted because you decided to participate in, well, a pretty stupid challenge.

If you’re looking for a thrill, head to Hull, and if you’re hungry, we hear the cafeteria isn’t bad.