Editorial: Women’s sports need better marketing

Carleton needs to increase marketing and opportunities for women’s sports if they hope to see women’s sports succeed at the university.

Traditionally, women’s sports receive far less attention and advertising from the university.

In addition, women’s sports are not always given the same opportunities to play in the high-volume games that attract large numbers of viewers.

For example, the men’s hockey team will be playing in the Colonel By Classic on Nov. 17 against the University of Ottawa (U of O), arguably Carleton’s greatest rival, but the women’s hockey team will not.

Despite the women’s team being scheduled to play the U of O on Nov. 19, there is no catchy name being given to this game or a big marketing push to get students to attend.

A trend of women’s teams being left behind is shown repeatedly in most of the high-traction sporting events Carleton participates in.

Games such as this tend to attract more students as they are close to home, and the rivalry between the two schools also draws more students to the event. 

While Carleton’s men’s teams such as basketball, hockey, and football all have official rivalry series games against the U of O, the same can’t be said for women’s hockey, rugby, or soccer.

Carleton should put more of a focus on hosting events that will highlight women’s teams.