Editorial: Take the time to learn about managing finances

Carleton students need to take advantage of the financial information the university offers to minimize the effect of struggling financially in school and the amount of student debt they graduate with.

From government-funded programs like OSAP, to GoFundMe campaigns, to working near full-time hours while in school, students are looking to various methods to afford high tuition and other school-related costs.

However, this is just one step in paying for university. University students needs to know what to do with the money they have, and how to budget to afford university and graduate with as little debt as possible.

This starts with taking advantage of the resources available to them at university. For example, throughout the month of November, the Awards and Financial Aid Office at Carleton is hosting Financial Literacy Month, which offers students personal finance tips. 

While it can be complicated to learn, finance management is a necessary skill for everyday life. The sooner students learn how to juggle money matters before graduation, the better off they will be once they enter the workforce.

Students who are struggling to cover the costs of tuition, textbooks, groceries, rent and more, should not feel bad for reaching out to external resources for help.