Editorial: Career Services should do more to promote part-time jobs

Carleton’s Career Services has been an important resource for students on campus whether it is reviewing résumés and cover letters, or providing job postings. However, there’s always room for improvement.

It seems that the efforts of the centre are focused on landing students co-op placements and there isn’t enough support for students looking for part-time jobs. The centre should do more to give equal support to those students.

It’s undeniable that landing a co-op position provides students with skills that make them more successful in their field, but part-time jobs can also yield the same results in terms of skill and experience.

Since co-op students pay a fee to the co-op program, it seems understandable that the centre prioritizes them in terms of support. However, this leaves students looking to makes ends meet by having a part-time job with little support to secure one. While the centre might have limited resources to ensure every student who seeks support successfully lands a job, it would be in students’ interests to divide the services of the centre.

Designating employees within the centre to either help students land a co-op placement or those looking for part-time jobs would ensure that adequate support is given to all students.