Editorial: Bluesfest security needs great improvement

With crowds at this year’s Bluesfest being violent and borderline riotous, particularly at the Migos concert, it is clear that organizers should have better anticipated the crowds, in retrospect of similar incidents at Kanye West’s 2015 Bluesfest performance.

The heat, the overwhelming crowds, and the presence of underage intoxication made the environment at Bluesfest unsafe and uncomfortable for music fans and festival volunteers alike.

The organization of crowd control put many people in danger that just wanted to enjoy the music. With what seemed like little or no concern for the safety of the public, staff and volunteers, Bluesfest organizers seemed to be more concerned about the number of people in attendance rather than the number of attendees the festival could safely accommodate.

Organizers need to learn from this year’s mistake and better prepare for the safety of their paying attendees, volunteers and staff.