The Charlatan Elections: Editors

Charlatan Publications Inc. will be hiring section editors for the 2017-18 publishing year. The positions available are news editors (2), national editor (1), features editor (1), opinion/editorial editor (1), multimedia editor (1), arts editor (1), sports editor (1), photo editor (1), graphics editor (1). We will also be electing staff representatives (2) to the Board of Directors at this time.

Applications must be submitted between March 6-13 to The Charlatan office at 531 UC. To apply, you must submit a cover letter, resume, and a position paper. Examples of position papers can be found in the Charlatan office. Cover letters must be addressed to Chief Electoral Officer Lindsay Tannahill.

Speeches for eligible candidates will be held from March 14-19. Voting will be open from March 20-24.

Eligible voters and the sections they may vote for are as follows:

Mariam Abdel-Akher (multimedia, arts, oped)

Haneen Al-Hassoun (multimedia, oped, news, national, sports)

Hamza Ali (news, multimedia, oped)
Hanan Awata (photo, multimedia, oped)
Nicole Babb (news, photo, multimedia, oped)
Martina Babiakova (arts, national, oped, multimedia)
Manahil Bandukwala (oped, photo, multimedia)
Taylor Barrett (multimedia, photo, news, national, arts, oped)
Lea Batara (national, news, oped, multimedia)

Nicole Bayes-Fleming (all)
Daniel Bertuzzi (sports, multimedia, oped)
Taylor Blewett (all)
Sinclaire Bruin (arts, national, multimedia, oped)
Luke Carroll (national, oped, photo, sports, multimedia)
Michael Charlebois (sports, oped, multimedia)
Shvaughn Craig (all)
Shaw Coneybeare (oped, national, arts, news, multimedia)

Leah Coppella (arts, news, oped, multimedia)
Ryan Curley (sports, multimedia, oped)
Troy Curtis (photo)
Amedeo De Pretto (national, news, photo, oped, multimedia)
Raven Desrosches (all)
Rachel Emmanuel (news, oped, multimedia)
Liam Fox (sports, features, news, oped, multimedia)
Gillian Francis (news, oped, multimedia)
Irene Galea (news, features, oped, multimedia)
Caitlin Galipeau (arts, photo, oped, multimedia)
Erica Giancola (arts, national, photo, news, oped, multimedia)
Patrick Gleddie (sports, oped, multimedia)
Samantha Goodman (oped, features, sports, multimedia)
Rana Hammoud (multimedia, arts, oped)
Monika Hamilton (arts, multimedia, oped)
Rebecca Hardiment (arts, multimedia, oped)
Caitlin Hart (oped, photo, multimedia)
Emily Haws (news, sports, national, oped, multimedia)
Aaron Hemens (national, photo, news, features, oped, multimedia)
Chelsea Huard (news, features, oped, multimedia)
Emily Humber (features, arts, oped, multimedia)
Maddie Innis (sports, multimedia, oped)
Luke James (sports, features, oped, multimedia)
Olivia Joerges (news, features, oped, multimedia)
Margaret Johnston (national, features, oped, multimedia)
Thomas Keating (sports, oped, multimedia)
Sam Lee (national, features, oped, multimedia)
Sam Lehman (news, national, arts, oped, multimedia)
Naomi Librach (news, national, oped, multimedia)
Jolson Lim (oped, photo, multimedia)
Madeline Lines (arts, photo, oped, multimedia)
Gabbi van Looyen (news, oped, multimedia)
Jonathan Marshall (news, national, photo, arts, oped, multimedia)
Drew May (all)
Evan McKay (arts, features, photo, oped, multimedia)
Tori McNeely (oped, photo, multimedia)
Nadia Miko (arts, photo, news, national, sports, features, multimedia)
Stuart Miller-Davis (sports, news, oped, multimedia)
Christian Mittelstaedt (national, multimedia, oped)
Bailey Moreton (sports, news, features, national, multimedia, oped)
Colin Mylrea (arts, multimedia, oped)
Surina Nath (news, oped, multimedia)
Rachael Ostroff (oped, photo, multimedia)
Jamie Pashagumskum (national, news, oped, multimedia)
Makayla Peacock (sports, oped, multimedia)
Bailee Pegden (arts, oped, multimedia)
Jeff Pelletier (arts, multimedia, oped)
Brooke Peloquin (oped, multimedia)
Cameron Penney (all)

Shanice Pereira (all)
Carly Pickett (national, oped, multimedia)

Erica Pierre-Pierre (news, oped, multimedia)
Zach Porter (sports, oped, multimedia)
Andrew Price (oped, multimedia)
Amanda Prusila (oped, national, multimedia)
Madison Ranta (news, national, features, oped, multimedia)
Meaghan Richens (arts, photo, oped, multimedia)
Dan Robertson (sports, photo, oped, multimedia)
Rosa Saba (oped, multimedia, arts)
Justin Samanski (all)
Sima Shakeri (all)
Kassia Skorzewska (sports, oped, multimedia)
Louisa Simmons (news, photo, arts, oped, multimedia)
Karen-Luz Sison (arts, oped, news, national, multimedia)
Ellen Spannagel (national, oped, multimedia)

Alanna Smith (all)
Michael Sun (news, sports, oped, multimedia)
Elaine Tamblyn-Watts (all)
Angela Tilley (all)

Natasha Tremblay (national, arts, oped, multimedia)
Sarah Tsounis (all)
Grant Vassos (oped, sports, multimedia)
Victoria Vaudry (national, news, oped, multimedia)
Carlos Verde (sports, photo, oped, multimedia)
Amanda Vollmershausen (national, news, photo, oped, multimedia)
Anna Sophia Vollmerhausen (all)
Mac White (sports, national, oped, multimedia)
Ryley White (all)
Lisa Xu (arts, sports, news, multimedia, photo, national, oped)
Christophe Young (all)
Nadine Yousif (all)
Matt Yuyitung (arts, multimedia, oped)