Editorial: Runte resignation signals fresh start

Carleton President Roseann Runte announced on March 24 that she would be resigning her post, effective July 31.

Runte has been the head of the university for nine years, taking on the job in 2008 and seeking a second term in 2012.

This change in leadership represents an opportunity for a fresh start for Carleton, and especially for the university’s Board of Governors (BoG). A number of contentious issues on campus, including the passing of the Sexual Violence Policy, rising tuition fees, and changes limiting the ability of BoG members to express their dissent on actions or decisions taken by the Board, have created a disconnect between students and the university.

For nearly a decade, Runte has played a key role in many of these decisions, and has indirectly exerted her influence on the BoG. This is the right time for her to step down, and to let someone else come in who will hopefully look at these issues with a fresh perspective.

An Ottawa Citizen editorial published after Runte revealed her resignation called her “cautious in the face of controversy.” Recently, this approach hasn’t appeared to sit well with students. The numerous protests outside BoG meetings over the past few years prove that students will not stay quiet if things remain the same.

Whoever succeeds Runte as Carleton’s president should be wary of the challenges currently facing Carleton, and bring their own ideas, opinions, and solutions to the table.