Editorial: Cuts to service centre hours hurt students

Students working as service centre co-ordinators for the Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) will see their hours cut in half over the summer, from 20 hours a week to 10 per co-ordinator.

Cutting these hours is a bad idea, as it reduces the amount of time service centre co-ordinators have over the summer to familiarize themselves with the position.

Although demand for service centres is certainly lower in the summer, as there are fewer students on campus, reducing their opening hours will be detrimental to those students who do still need access to these centres.

Having a service centre open for just 20 hours a week greatly limits when students will be able to access services. If the hours are spread out over five days, this works out to just four hours per day—a small timeframe during which students would be able to get help and support on campus.

Summer is also a time where co-ordinators can plan and prepare for any special projects or events they are planning to implement in the upcoming school year.

According to Ashley Courchene, CUSA vice-president (student services), the hours will be flexible, allowing service centre co-ordinators more time to work on a specific project, if needed. But 10 hours per co-ordinator might not be enough to both support students and work on special projects.

While saving money is a good thing, it should not come at the expense of students’ well-being and support. Service centres on campus provide vital support and help to students, both during the summer and rest of the year.