BoG student governor election results

Results for the Board of Governors’ (BoG) student governor positions were published online on March 15.

Undergraduate representative Liam Harrington received the most votes with 1,063, and will be joined on the board by Efrem Berhe, who received 762 votes.

Out of a possible 24,841 undergraduate students, 3,215 submitted a ballot in the election, for a turnout of 12.9 per cent. A total of 761 students chose to abstain.

The election for the two graduate student governor positions was won by Natalie Prowse with 238 votes, while Rebecca Stiles came in second with 180 votes.

Voter turnout for graduate students was 16 per cent, with 598 ballots being cast out of a possible 3,729 voters. A total of 107 voters chose to abstain.

The names of all four student governors will be presented for ratification to the BoG at a meeting on June 29.

This year’s election saw 12 students—five graduate and seven undergraduate students—put their names forward for nomination to the BoG.