Versatile outfits for chilly nights

Just because the temperatures may be below zero doesn’t mean your style has to be anything less than smokin’ hot. We all know that going out in Ottawa can be tedious—from navigating through the ice in four inch heels, to braving the cold for what feels like hours of standing in line. Luckily there are practical ways to convert your daytime-chic outfit to an outfit that you’re ready to hit the town in.

It’s all in the shoes

Making an outfit ready for the club can be as simple as switching out your shoes. Even adding a bit of a heel is a sure-fire way to dress up any outfit—from jeans to a skirt. Because Ottawa’s winters are so excruciatingly cold, boots are probably the best option. Over the knee boots are super popular this winter, and they’re perfect because they act as extended leg warmers. This means skirts are totally possible—pairing a hot skirt or mini dress with over the knee boots, means that only a small part of your leg has to deal with freezing temperatures—which is a win-win situation for everybody.

Layer up

Two words: leather jackets. They just add spunk and an extra bit of edginess to any outfit. Not only do they keep you warm during the daytime, but they’re super easy to style to make different outfits work for nights out as well. Of course you can wear them the classic way, over top of a blouse or a tank top—if you’re feeling risky—but you can always make your look a little more high fashion by just draping the jacket over your shoulders. Another plus to these is that they literally go with anything—especially if you go for the classic black jacket. Warmth + style = the perfect combination for nightlife in a chilly Ottawa winter.

Scarves on scarves on scarves

A scarf is a must-have for the winter months—it goes without saying. While an infinity or blanket scarf is perfect for heading to class or going to the mall, they’re not as practical for a night out where you’d probably get a little too warm. This is where silk scarves come in. They’re light, trendy and they go well with all your fancy outfits. Think of the choker trend—replace the choker with a skinny scarf and boom! You’ve just upped your outfit game significantly and you’re making yourself noticed at the bar. Going somewhere a little chillier? Opt for a thin cashmere scarf to still give you that extra layer of warmth, but without the added bulkiness of an infinity or blanket scarf.
With all these tips to stay warm and look good, you’ll never say no to a night out again. Now bundle up, and have a blast.

Photos by Trevor Swann