The Next Step wins 2017-18 RRRA election

The unofficial results for the 2017-18 Rideau River Residence Association (RRRA) elections were released by the elections office on Feb. 15.

The Next Step, led by incumbent RRRA president Hyder Naqvi, won the election with 355 votes.

Although Fresh RRRA received the most votes, with 405, the slate was disqualified on Feb. 14 after racking up three electoral violations.

According to the elections office, it was too late to remove the team from the ballot, and the slate with the second highest number of votes would be declared the winner.

Fresh RRRA has the option to appeal their disqualification to RRRA council.

Think Forward received 256 votes, while AAA for RRRA got 127 votes and The A Team had 119 votes. Fifteen ballots were marked as “unanswered.”

A total of 1,277 votes were cast in the election, with the Next Step slate receiving 27.7 per cent of all votes cast.

Naqvi will return to his second term as RRRA president, and will be joined by Jacob Howell as vice-president (administration) and Brittany Galler as vice-president (programming).

– Photo by Trevor Swann