Creative Writing Blog: Tirade of an angry man

#1 Life has taught me that my opinion doesn’t matter. We as human beings believe that we possess real power because we can control others, yet in actuality we cannot even control ourselves. We are slaves indebted to the flow of time. What we claim is freedom is captivity. What we call power is actually weakness. We are not who we claim to be and I’m tired.

#2 I have come to the realization that human beings are petty creatures. They crave security and normality yet they themselves are the harbingers of destruction and division.

#3 I cannot get her voice out of my head. Her sweet melody which causes my stomach to drop and the hairs on my body to stand. She need only speak a word and I will reel back as I am seared by her venomous blade. She is deadly as much as she is beautiful.

#4 Some of us will never feel her tender embrace. We will never be privileged to hear her melodious laughter. She will look at us but never with the same shared burning desire. We will stare, as we are engulfed by her beauty, she won’t notice. For we in truth are on the opposite end of the spectrum. We are nothing.

# 5 It would be foolish to desire a life with no suffering or pain. Pain is a necessity in our quest to find God. Pain molds us, it defines us, it becomes us. Pain helps us to see in a world that has had its light robbed. In this never ending darkness, pain is our guide. We’re Dorothy and pain is our yellow brick road.