Creative Writing Blog: Untitled poem

Soft skin and rosy cheeks

Small waist, don’t waste

Away your youth

Tick tock chimes the time

The only enemy you can’t beat

Harsh sun and white skin

Fairy Tale mandates and

Fabled demands

Prostrate yourself before your

idols (gods?) of perfection

Glares and piercing stares

Silent judgements

Scrutiny Jealous

rages and harmful remedies

Mirrored in mirrors we find

Our worst enemy

Tear down the idols (adulterous idolatry)—or are they real?

Dull fingernails tear at flesh

Greedy fingers gouge at the soft, innocent eyes

Tear her down, cut her up

Take anything you want

She wants, I want


Raise yourself up (don’t fall down)

A goddess made of skeleton and false promises