Nadine Yousif: Editor-in-Chief

Born in the far land of Baghdad, Iraq, Nadine journeyed her way into Canada at the age of 10, and first graced the Charlatan news desk as a young 17-year-old. Now soon to be 20, she calls Ottawa her home, but everyone knows she really lives on the Charlatan couch.

When she is not making news or breaking news, she can be found compulsively tweeting about the latest Kanye West single, drinking excessive amounts of black tea, front-row at Osheaga, reading poetry or the Globe and Mail, or hanging out at the local art gallery in which ever city she is.

Nadine hopes to one day graduate J-School, travel the world while producing great journalism, and maybe one day get her by-line in the New York Times.

But for now, she is more than happy working as Editor-in-Chief for Volume 46 of the Charlatan.

Hometown: Baghdad, Iraq

Program: 4th year Journalism