Letter: Meme mix-up deserves attention

Re: Carleton-uOttawa memes getting out of hand

Like many students, I delight in the occasional snide remark at my rival university. Indeed, much of the content of the “meme war” between the University of Ottawa and Carleton is harmless and amusing.

I was, however, deeply disturbed to discover that my picture had been used as one of these characters. The use of my photo was unauthorized, and I was incorrectly identified as the former president of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa, who was arrested during his tenure. The caption read: “Becomes Student Leader . . . Gets Arrested.” Fortunately, friends of mine came upon the image, declared it to be erroneous, and it was subsequently removed.

I am surprised that these elusive graphic artists did not have the foresight to use Google to verify whom it was they had chosen to libel.

Moreover, I am shocked that not a single member of “Carleton Pride” had the courtesy to apologize for this blatant misrepresentation, which temporarily brought about considerable harm to my reputation as a student leader who is highly active and engaged in a number of Carleton-based initiatives, such as STAND and the Sock ‘n’ Buskin Theatre Co.

Indeed, if you want to see a “meme” act, sing and dance, come check out Sock ‘n’ Buskin’s production of the musical, Company, opening March 15 at Carleton.

I thank Lana Perić for bringing this issue to the attention of the Charlatan readers.

— Adam Moscoe,
Third year psychology student,
University of Ottawa